Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project 1 - Completed! 35 Squares=1Blanket! Yeah!

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Today I finished my last squares for my first Kas Project. It has taken me the whole week and I'm afraid to say, I did fall behind on some of my housework. Now that the Project is finished, I can catch up on all those little jobs that still need doing around the house. I did enjoy my time knitting for the children. It has been very rewarding, especially now that it's done and knowing that soon, another blanket will be sewn together, to keep the children warm.. If all goes well, I'll be posting my first package tomorrow; glad to know that the postal strike in S. Africa is finally at an end. The squares I knitted can be arranged in a variety of ways and I think I will leave this decision up to the lovely Ladies in Sout Africa, who are doing a fantastic job, as I have seen on the photographs in the Blanket Album. My next Project will be a selection of various size jumpers I think, all depending on my next supply of wool. Thank you everyone for the wonderful support during the past week, it has been very encouraging.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead,

kindest wishes and God's blessings to you all,


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