Monday, January 21, 2013

Jerusalem - A Poem

Jerusalem - A Poem by abracacamera
Jerusalem - A Poem, a photo by abracacamera on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Your walls stand proudly, the city surround,

Erect in Truth and Faith!

Your saints are gathered, inward bound,

In Freedom, not Enslaved!

No Man could ever build a place, worthy of the Lord,

For he himself is Great!

For everything a man has made, defended by the sword,

Delivered by his fate!

I see a vision of your Divine, home is near to me,

Still waiting by the gate!

Your holy presence in my mind, with all that I can be,

My spirit in your state!

Heavenly glory and riches of all, in your heart contained,

We long to meet you there!

The promise of eternity, by you it was proclaimed,

With all humility I can bear!

-Welcome to Jerusalem!-

Enter all you nations, the Truth will be revealed

Take upon your heavenly stations, never to be deceived;

The holy city once again, in glory stands so proud

For all the people of the world, this place was lost and found;

Re-built in Heaven, for Eternity last,

as you love, and choose your path;

Heaven will open and welcome you in,

enter the city by the name of Jerusalem


  1. This is such a beautiful poem. I love the choice of picture.

  2. Thank you very much, for your encouraging comments Keith. The photograph shows our little Olive Tree in our front garden. I chose the Olive Tree, to symbolize Eternal Life, Peace, Fruitfulness, Hope, Faith, Love, Annointing, Patience and Endurance, amongst many other virtues I could list, which I believe, are all part of the path to Life Eternal that we will find when we leave this earthly life and join our Heavenly Father in the City he has build for us, our Heavenly Jerusalem. In the midst of our garden here in Wales, this little Olive Tree is standing firm in all weathers. It has acclimatized beautifully to our seasons and it is a real joy to look at every day from my window.