Monday, June 11, 2012

Tzimtzum - A Poem

Tzimtzum - A Poem by abracacamera
Tzimtzum - A Poem, a photo by abracacamera on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Contraction - Expansion
in space and in time;
Your being is present,
in 'Olam' divine.

You gave us the stars,
the moon and the sun;
My Lord is the Light,
since existence began.

Concealed is Your power,
and heavenly gift;
in every soul,
that has ever lived.

Your Word is creation,
the 'All' in this life,
the seeds that You planted,
forever suffice.

One Lord, One God,
One Father, One Son,
Your Spirit within us,
in Tzimtzum at One.

Explanation: 1. 'Olam' (hebrew word) = 'world' or 'universe'
2.'Tzimtzum' = The etymology is complementary with the concept of Tzimtzum,
in that the physical universe conceals the spiritual nature of creation.


  1. ... and I love the explanation, especially about Tzimtzum (definitely reminds me of Plato's World of Ideas, and Swedenborg's Theory of Correspondences). Thanks for sharing ...

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments John, they are a real encouragement. I don't seem to get much feedback on my posts so your complementary comments are very much appreciated. There is a wonderful website I visit from time to time about Swedenborg's Science of Correspondences, which I always find very enlightening and which I read with great zeal! He was an amazing man. Please find the link at this web address: . Once again, thank you very much John. Kindest regards and God's Blessings, Maria